28 Aug 2013

Welcome to CAMBRIDGE university

One of the oldest and most talked about Universities in the world is the "University of Cambridge". 
It is located in the city Cambridge, England. 
The city itself is a University town, meaning the city is built for the university colleges. 

I had the pleasure of visiting this city last monday. It was just a one day trip to the city since it is close to were I live.

Cambridge City
There are about 31 colleges in the city. Some of which are next to each other and some are connecting to each other. We visit quite a few colleges. Almost all colleges are open to visitors and tourist and also have an entrance fee.

Seriously these photos below don't give any justice to the colleges. All of the colleges have such amazing architecture and amazing view, with amazing well maintained gardens. The view is so pleasing to the eyes. It can't be described, it just has to be seen through your eyes..

College No.1
College No.2

College No.3

College No.4
A great way to see the place is to hire these "bikes". University students use them too.
College No.5 (Kings College)

Kings College entrance

View inside Kings college.. amazing architecture and how lucky are the students who study here?? Wow! wat a great college to study in... 

Inside Kings college

Kings College

It was a hot day in cambridge, so we got some crepes to go.
The restaurant here served water in this "glass" below. Well!! what a weird glass is this? han..?
 Shaped like a cone, which cant be layed on the table.. Hahaha... :)
Sweet Crepes with nutella and banana topping.

A little street performance by a band in CAMBRIDGE

Punting tour in Cambridge.
This has got to be the best possible way to explore the university colleges. ­čÜúPunting is very famous at this place. Many "punters" are ready to offer you many good deals to take you punting.
You can hire the punters or you can do it yourself if your not terrified of loosing your balance and falling down in the river(unlike us!! :))

It is the most ideal way to explore the city.
A little bridge down the lane which connects some colleges.

The river runs through the heart of Cambridge, which allows you to enjoy fantastic views of the world famous colleges. This tour lasts for 45mins approx. Just sit back and relax while they take you along the banks proving you interesting information about the city.

King's college chapel from the banks

Cool little Punters, punting away. I felt like it was the mini version of Italy.!!!:)


Every city talks to you and teaches you so many different things. I am always interested to explore a different place and have new experiences. I am loving this new experiences of my life with my new husband. This has to be by far the best place I have visited in the UK. 

The SunShine Girl  


  1. cambridge is really a beautiful university..I love the architecture too..
    beautiful clicks dear..

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  2. Wow awesome Post really loved it following you :) via GFC

  3. beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

  4. Such beautiful architecture........! Had fun reading it and seeing the pics......


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