6 Sep 2013

The Warwick Castle

Hiya! Ladies... how are u all doing?

A couple of months ago I visited The Warwick City, England with my family. This is a very beautiful and rich city and you get to see lot of historic buildings and architecture which is thousands of yr old! 

One of the most famous spots in this city was the WARWICK Castle...
I got to visit this BIG and Huge Castle and I loved it. So I will take you guys into the castle and show you guys some interesting aspects.

As you walk into the building you are "awe struck "with this huge amazing view of the castle!  which lets you say WOw!! Just wow..

The Warwick Castle

Outside the castle

A peek Inside the Castle 

They had bath tubs too! 

Wow Can you guys spot the "BABYs High CHAIR". So many years ago they had a baby high chair.. The people must have been really smart back then.

Below are some of the rooms.. The rooms were so amazing with such nice furniture made with teak/rose wood. Just imagine how these people used to live such lavish life. Lucky People...!!!!

Ladies Bedroom

I LOVED this room! Amazing amazing..  

The BIG Royal DINING table.

View from the window

Way to the tower outside the Castle

You can get a very beautiful n spectacular view of the castle and the surroundings if you walk up to the tower. Although you need some energy to climb up top but it is worth it..

If you wish to spend the whole day at the castle then you can attend many ongoing  shows and events over there like -Long sword fighting lessons, archery demonstration, the trebuchet fireball show, fighting of the eagles etc

Down below is the demonstration of the medieval battle.. All tourists gathered here to watch a small show put together where they showed how the battle used to take place. The trebuchet throws its missile over 150 meters!

The Warwick trebuchet show!

The view was amazing from the riverbanks !! Firing took place with the Warwick trebuchet! It was a nice show to sit and just watch

We tried archery over here and I wasn't so bad at it.. 
Archery lessons..

Model of the castle below!!

Warwick Castle is one of the most famous Castle in the UK. A lot of history will unfold which will surely amaze you! Pictures can't be describe how amazing it was ..
Really It is a must visit castle - not to be missed!! 

I will be back soon with yet another city and yet another adventure!!  

The SunShineGirl


  1. Omg this is a fantastic place. I so wanna visit it after seeing ur pics :)

  2. OMG!!!!
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  3. grgs place n beautiful clicks dear

    my recent one :http://beautyndbest.com/2013/09/11/mua-poptastic-eyeshadow-palette-reviews-swatches-and-eotd

  4. Loved you post SS......I truly wish I could visit the place now!!! ...... How did I miss this post? Put up more pics......


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