31 Dec 2013

DIY: Make up/Cotton Holder

Today am gonna show you how to make Makeup brush holder. This is a very easy DIY which doesn't take much time. You can put your "makeup brushes" in it and also use this container to store any loose items cotton pads, cotton balls, hair clips n bands or any candies. Just so you can stay more organised. 

Am gonna show you how to turn a used up candle and turn it into a pretty and simple holder.

1. This will work with any glass container. So you will need a completely used up candle, some regular nail polish remover, a couple of cotton pads, a glass of hot water and a knife.

2. Use a knife to trace around the edge of the candle to loosen the wax. Insert the knife in the centre and twist to make the wax crack.

3. You can now remove the chunks easily. 

4. Now to remove the wick that is glued to the bottom of the glass container. Take a glass of hot water and pour it into the container and carefully swirl it around to loosen the glue and you can easily remove the wick. Then used a little soap and sponge to clean out the inside of the container. The label can easily be removed with a knife.

5. And remove any stubborn residue with a cotton pad and nail polish remover.

6. Once it's dried u can start adding your makeup brushes/clips or bands.

Hair Bands/ Hair Clips

Eye Shadow pencils/make up brushes

So I think am gonna use this to store my cotton pads and ear buds.
Cotton pads

So that is pretty much it. 


17 Dec 2013

A day in London / Christmas lights in London / weekend update

 London is oh! so magical during Christmas. So guys come on over with me to see how "London" looks like in Christmas and get a glimpse of the amazing glittering lights and Christmas trees..

Arriving at "St. Pancreas" tube station .. So big tree to welcome us..

Oxford street was so beautifully lit.. Amazing to watch the lights..

Inside the the store "top shop"

Regent street .. isn't that gorgeous?
Regent Street

Horrods..was looking like a big old king's mansion..

These are the Christmas window displays outside different shops.. The displays were so eye catching..:) very very pretty and unique styles.
Christmas window displays

Carnaby street is so happening ..
Carnaby street

My best spot was the Covent garden!! It was outstanding!! So many people and so lively. Very very happening place. A must to visit..!!! Love 

Christmas trees are amazing to look at...
Covent Garden Christmas tree

Humangus reindeer... 
Covent Garden christmas decor

Ok now! now! These yummy cookies we had are the best cookies πŸͺin the whole wide world.. Period!!! 
They look very plain and normal but everyone loves them. They are so amazing. They just melt in your mouth.. So tasty and yummyπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸ‘πŸ‘
If you are in the uk then please don't forget to try it out.. My fav one is the white chocolate!
BEN'S Cookies

This was inside a big snow glow. Everything was made with "Legos ". Very cool..
Snow Globe

Into Westfield shopping center!! Very beautiful and glittering ..
Westfield shopping centre 

They had indoor ice skating .. Very cool! I was very scared so I din't do it.. Maybe next time soon!!

Lastly we had some donuts! Best donuts 🍩🍩🍩 I am not kidding but they are delicious little treats filled with fresh cream inside them... 

This was my day in London
A day well spent
Treats and trees
Happening London
Love love love


11 Dec 2013

The Shard - tallest building in Europe

The Shard is an iconic Landmark of the london skyline. It is the tallest building in the western Europe. The Shard is London's highest best view. It is London's most eagerly awaited attraction. 

We can have a 360 degree views for up to 40 miles.  

A couple of months back me and husband just happened to be near this building and we decided to check it out...

Looking up you will see the shards of glass that form the top of the skyscraper.

 This is entirely a glass building. The Shard includes Offices, restaurants, Hotels and also Residences.

For people who want to take a look at the view from the top floor there is a separate entry and separate elevator lift which takes you to the highest floors i.e floor 68-72. This might cost you about 32£ per person

But we decided that we can easily go to a restaurant up there and spend the same money or even less on a meal and still get to see the view of London. How cool are we hun??
So we went to a restaurant out there which was on the floor 32. And OMG the lift on the shard was super amazingly fast like a jet. In just a matter of 3 seconds we were already there, it was like magic.. Haha! 

Here you can see the astonishing view from the restaurant we went to which was on the floor 32. Posting pics just for you!!!

Very beautiful view of tower bridge

In the restaurant ..

Next time we are planning on going to this place on an evening out because obviously the view looks entirely different in the night when the whole city lights are on.  
The entire experience was lovely and joyful.  

This is without a doubt the best view in town.


6 Dec 2013

Last night....

Middle eastern cuisine is very unique and different.Some like it and some don't. We had our dinner last night at an Arabic restaurant in Luton, Dessert's Rose. A few images to give you an idea.

This Arabic restaurant had peaceful, relaxed yet elegant environment. Ethnic decor.

Yes! This cuisine is a little bland but it really depends on your taste buds. I personally love spicy food but still I liked this dish. You also don't find any kind of fat in their food which is great!!. The food was amazing cooked to perfection. Chicken is what I really enjoyed and ate all of it.  

I had Grilled half baby Chicken with Rice cooked with vegetables and cucumber salad. Delicious and Completely filling.

For desert we went to "Cookies & Cream"

was so hard to choose from many different flavours of ice cream ..

I had 2 scoops- Fudge Brownie and Strawberry Cheesecake .. Ahh!! So yummm!!!

If you live in Luton or visit this place then you definitely need to try this restaurant. I will surely go back to this place again.