3 Jan 2014

Flashback 2013 with pictures...

2013 was a very special year for me in so many ways and I can already feel that 2014 will also be an amazing year as well. Last year was like bitter-sweet for me. I met my husband and got married, moved to the UK and was trying hard to settle down in the new country, travelled to a lot of places, made new friends, started blogging and went on Hajj. So many things changed in life. I am very greatful.

 Last year will be my favourite year yet.

I am very excited for this year. I am confident that this year will also bring many more exciting thing and happy moments. I don't have many new year resolutions but just a few like I need to be more organized, be more productive and blog more often, eat very healthy and work out atleast 4days a week. What are your new year resolutions? plz comment below..

Sharing with you guys my best moments of 2013 in pictures

Wedding day

visiting tower bridge

On a trip to Isle of Wright (needle park)

Needles park


Never stop dreaming!!
TheSunshine Girl