31 Oct 2013

Gorgeous goody bag..

Hi beautiful ladies! how r u all doing? I am sorry, I was away from my blog. I had gone on a pilgrimage for almost 20 days and was relaxing a bit. But now I am back and back into the blogging world.

This was a month ago. I was walking into the mall and I saw a large gathering of people. I felt something suspicious and I thought I would go near and find out what's going on.

To my surprise this group of people were celebrating some kinda LADIES DAY.  

I find out they were offering free make overs( full makeup), manicure, face painting and giving out free goody bags. 
And when I saw this I was jumping out of joy.

A Goody Bag and Free???? who doesn't want that... wow!!!!!

I wanted the GOODY bag.. I wanted to have the free goody bag. And I went ahead and got one.
I was so so excited to see what's all in my pretty bag. I cant believe how happy I was that day. Here I will show you all the things I got!!!

1. Olay daily moisturiser. (Good one)
2. Jergens Ultra Healing body moisturiser. ( I love this)
3. Dried Cranberries. (Oh! so healthy)

4. Galaxy bar. ( I ate it all. couldn't resist!!!)
5. Weight Watchers healthy drink

6. Derma Blend ( It is a foundation/concealer. Samples for all the shades. I should try this)

7. Body Shop Container ( Small empty container from "Body Shop" - we can basically goto body shop and fill this up with any body butter/lotion as a sample and take with you. How cool is that? ) 

I was super super happy with my goodies.
After all who doesn't want some free stuff. right? 

Thats it for today. Will be back soon...