3 Apr 2014

Weekend update: a day out in Brighton

The only thing that annoys me about UK is th weather. Well last weekend the weather wasn't what we had hoped for. It was even better. The sun came out and in order to take full advantage of the sun, we head out.

SATURDay was very hot and lovely. Brighton din't seem to be too far from Luton. And the beach in Brighton sounded real exciting.

Brighton is a very beautiful and happening place. There we so so many tourists at this place. We gotto see the Brighton wheel which is a smaller version of the London eye. It is located on the seafront and who wouldn't love to go on a ride in it? Right .. 

Heading to the beach in the evening was a good idea because of  less crowd. The pebble beach is very popular and it was really so peaceful and quite.

Brighton on its own was amazing. Unfortunately my phone battery died and I don't get to take much


Brighton wheel near the beach

Brighton Pier

Pebbles Pebbles ans more Pebbles

SUNDay was pretty laid back. We went to this place called "Dunstable downs" just 15mins from our place. This place was oh so scenic. Wanting to head out and get some fresh air, we decide to go there. The weather was perfect too.

Endless Breathtaking landscape. Just standing on the top of the Dunstable downs will simply take your breath away. The best thing in the world.

 There are a few things for the family to do over there like cycling and kite flying. 
Seeing all the colourful kites in the air was a great sight. There's even a restaurant where you can have coffee and get yourself warm and comfortable or buy some nick-knacks.

  I can't wait to go there again in summer. It will be a perfect picnic outing.

wast land covered in a green blanket

Flying Kites

Picnic at the land

The restaurant which had KITES to sell 

Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful pictures looks like so much fun.

  2. lovely clicks dear :)

  3. beautiful..i havent been in brighton..would love to go in this summer..

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  4. Lovely pics.. loved the natural beauty of this place.. happy weekend xo
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  5. Beautiful photography!! Great job <3

    May your weekend be bliss!

  6. Wow... Beautiful pictures looks like so much fun. Happy Monday <3


  7. How fun!! It looks so beautiful along the seaside :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  8. Brighton is such a lovely place <3 <3 Thanks for sharing these pics!!

  9. I miss being to Brighton during my London days. Amazing place to spend the weekends <3


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