31 Dec 2013

DIY: Make up/Cotton Holder

Today am gonna show you how to make Makeup brush holder. This is a very easy DIY which doesn't take much time. You can put your "makeup brushes" in it and also use this container to store any loose items cotton pads, cotton balls, hair clips n bands or any candies. Just so you can stay more organised. 

Am gonna show you how to turn a used up candle and turn it into a pretty and simple holder.

1. This will work with any glass container. So you will need a completely used up candle, some regular nail polish remover, a couple of cotton pads, a glass of hot water and a knife.

2. Use a knife to trace around the edge of the candle to loosen the wax. Insert the knife in the centre and twist to make the wax crack.

3. You can now remove the chunks easily. 

4. Now to remove the wick that is glued to the bottom of the glass container. Take a glass of hot water and pour it into the container and carefully swirl it around to loosen the glue and you can easily remove the wick. Then used a little soap and sponge to clean out the inside of the container. The label can easily be removed with a knife.

5. And remove any stubborn residue with a cotton pad and nail polish remover.

6. Once it's dried u can start adding your makeup brushes/clips or bands.

Hair Bands/ Hair Clips

Eye Shadow pencils/make up brushes

So I think am gonna use this to store my cotton pads and ear buds.
Cotton pads

So that is pretty much it. 



  1. Wow thanks for sharing cool tip. Have a Happy New Year may it be filled with happiness and success.

  2. I use kinda holders always nice post :)
    Happy New Year

  3. That's beautiful!! Following you <3


  4. What a sweet and simple idea! Too bad I just threw on glass container away! I wish I would have seen your post yesterday! XOXO, Sissi http://www.beauty4free2u.com

  5. Awesome DIY .. Sounds Fun plus It will be of great assist ;)
    Thanks for sharing <3

  6. Wow u r so creative Meraj! Loved the idea :)

  7. such a wonderful idea dear :)

  8. wow...looks wonderful <3
    great dear :*

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