31 Oct 2013

Gorgeous goody bag..

Hi beautiful ladies! how r u all doing? I am sorry, I was away from my blog. I had gone on a pilgrimage for almost 20 days and was relaxing a bit. But now I am back and back into the blogging world.

This was a month ago. I was walking into the mall and I saw a large gathering of people. I felt something suspicious and I thought I would go near and find out what's going on.

To my surprise this group of people were celebrating some kinda LADIES DAY.  

I find out they were offering free make overs( full makeup), manicure, face painting and giving out free goody bags. 
And when I saw this I was jumping out of joy.

A Goody Bag and Free???? who doesn't want that... wow!!!!!

I wanted the GOODY bag.. I wanted to have the free goody bag. And I went ahead and got one.
I was so so excited to see what's all in my pretty bag. I cant believe how happy I was that day. Here I will show you all the things I got!!!

1. Olay daily moisturiser. (Good one)
2. Jergens Ultra Healing body moisturiser. ( I love this)
3. Dried Cranberries. (Oh! so healthy)

4. Galaxy bar. ( I ate it all. couldn't resist!!!)
5. Weight Watchers healthy drink

6. Derma Blend ( It is a foundation/concealer. Samples for all the shades. I should try this)

7. Body Shop Container ( Small empty container from "Body Shop" - we can basically goto body shop and fill this up with any body butter/lotion as a sample and take with you. How cool is that? ) 

I was super super happy with my goodies.
After all who doesn't want some free stuff. right? 

Thats it for today. Will be back soon... 



  1. looks great products...waiting for ur review sweetie...
    my recent one :http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2013/11/mac-riri-woo-lipstick-review-swatches-comparison-ruby-woo-russian-red.html

  2. You got great products!

  3. Lovely products :)

  4. You got some amazing products dear :D

  5. So glad to see you had so much fun!


  6. Wow! great products! I would love to have Olay daily moisturizer and Jergens Ultra Healing body moisturizer too!

    Please do visit my site if you have time. Thanks!

  7. Loved all the products, have a good day :)

  8. You got lovely stuff dear!


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