22 Nov 2013

Skin saviours for fall and winter

As the night draws in, extreamly cold weather in the uk can create mayhem with your skin. Freezing temperature and freezing wind combined with the central heating makes my skin super dry, itchy and creepy and so flaky .. These two products from body shop are a great saviour for me this winter!! 

The first one is the Chocomania Body Butter! 

The second one is the CoCoa butter body scrub

This Chocomania body butter is so amazing. 
I slather this every day all over my skin before I goto bed. It doesn't feel greasy or oily at all. And smells superb, really like a choco.  It truly truly does the job!!! 

My beautiful beautiful cousin sister got me this. Thank you so much sister!! You are great .I luv you :)

This "Cocoa body scrub" seriously smells delicious!! Use this to scrub your body and you smell like a freshly made chocolate cake. It removes dead skin cells. It will restore your skin back to its pre-winter state.

Take care of yourself! Happy weekend all..
TheSunShine Girl


  1. I love TBS body butters. they are so yumm!! and they work like a charm. :)

  2. have heard a lot about it... need to check them soon...

  3. I have some of the body shop body butters and they are great! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following your lovely blog :)


  4. Nice review , I am yet to try them. Following you on GFC

  5. Really wanna try this soon!


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