29 Apr 2014

Travel DIARIES : Dreamland PARIS (part 1)

Travel has always been my passion. I always wanted to explore more places and I want to document them so I can look back and cherish the happy moments. I am starting a new series of travel posts which will be a little detailed. They wont be just a set of photos. I'll do my best to let you know what these places are. So let me present to you my travel diary about the beautiful "Dreamland Paris"

I always wanted to goto PARIS. It was one of my dream destinations and we were planning on it since a year. Finally two months in advance we booked a trip for 3 days to Paris through Star Tours for the Easter weekend . It was a Couch trip from LONDON to PARIS which means you need to cross the English channel by a ferry(which carries coaches, buses and other vehicles). Then you reach Calais (french border) and from Calais leave to Paris.

It was my first time on a ferry. Frankly speaking I felt extremely sea sick and was almost about to through up. I really felt super dizzy and wanted to get off ASAP. But it was just a 90mins ride and you can also get comfortable by having some drinks and snacks at the restaurants and cafes in the ferry. You also get to shop there. People wanna go shopping even on sea guys. That's not too surprising. Is it?

   On Day 1 of our trip we almost travelled all day long which was a bit hectic and tiring as well. But when your fellow travellers+tour manager are oh so entertaining and funny, you don't mind. 

Leaving at 6 in the morning and reaching around 3-ish in the noon. I mean its a long time but we are going to another country after all. I knew, it was gonna be worth it.

This is the port of DOVER(UK border) where we had to catch the ferry from


People relaxing on the ferry 

When we reached PARIS the first sight of the "Eiffel Tower" I saw was this from our couch. I was in a complete awwww!!!! 

Awwww...! Stunning beauty :)

On arrival we were taken for a scenic boat cruise along the river seine, entirely glass fitted with a terrace. I really enjoyed an hour tour that follows the river pasting famous monuments Eiffel tower, Notre dame cathedral as well as many landmarks and ornate bridges. 

 Paris sightseeing cruise was really fun and interesting.

Pictures I took from our Cruise tour
A good view of Paris from the cruise terrace 

Lovely Architecture...

and again.. Love the sight! :) 

Day 1 was so exhausting we all wanted to go and relax. After our dinner at an Indian restaurant we went straight to the hotel. 

My travel diaries on Paris continues.. DAY 2, DAY 3 will be in my next post. So watch out for this place..

Until next time..


25 Apr 2014

Recent beauty buys..

1. Madagascan Vanilla flower Body lotion - THE BODY SHOP

I love Love Love Vanilla scents. It is my favourite fragnance. This body lotion has thin watery consistency and minimal moisture.Being a vanilla fan I bought this. The scent is so sweet and lasts long too. It reminds me of vanilla cupcakes and smells delicious. Really LOVE this product.

2. Lasting Finish COLOR RUSH BALM - 600 ON FIRE - RIMMEL

Very Pretty coral-ish color. It has a very good pigmentation and the texture is amazing. It lasts like all day long and probably wont come off even with a cleanser. 

3. Lasting finish by Kate LIPSTICK 05 - RIMMEL 

Kate's Rimmel Lipsticks are all amazing with amazing pigmentation as well. This is a super cute "Redish pink" color looks good on all. 

what are your recent buys??? 

TheSunShine Girl

15 Apr 2014

A Sunday near the lake .. peaceful and relax

WILLEN LAKE is a nice spot to relax and go for a stroll. Situated in the town of Milton Keynes,UK.
 Lovely lake to walk around. 
Its not the switz highlands or anything but an amazing place to ease out your mind and find peace and tranquillity. There is a good restaurant and range of activities for families and water spots for the thrill seekers.
I enjoyed watching the boaters on the lake with the some snacks while sitting on the grass. It was so relaxing.

The lake itself is beautiful to look at. 
Lots of swans, ducks and geese to feed.
You can easily end up spending the whole evening there.
Go seek out this place and you will be surprised.
A Sunday well spent.

Willen Lake

No filter needed for these pics

Kids feeding the ducks

PARK near the Lake

The SunShineGirl

3 Apr 2014

Weekend update: a day out in Brighton

The only thing that annoys me about UK is th weather. Well last weekend the weather wasn't what we had hoped for. It was even better. The sun came out and in order to take full advantage of the sun, we head out.

SATURDay was very hot and lovely. Brighton din't seem to be too far from Luton. And the beach in Brighton sounded real exciting.

Brighton is a very beautiful and happening place. There we so so many tourists at this place. We gotto see the Brighton wheel which is a smaller version of the London eye. It is located on the seafront and who wouldn't love to go on a ride in it? Right .. 

Heading to the beach in the evening was a good idea because of  less crowd. The pebble beach is very popular and it was really so peaceful and quite.

Brighton on its own was amazing. Unfortunately my phone battery died and I don't get to take much


Brighton wheel near the beach

Brighton Pier

Pebbles Pebbles ans more Pebbles

SUNDay was pretty laid back. We went to this place called "Dunstable downs" just 15mins from our place. This place was oh so scenic. Wanting to head out and get some fresh air, we decide to go there. The weather was perfect too.

Endless Breathtaking landscape. Just standing on the top of the Dunstable downs will simply take your breath away. The best thing in the world.

 There are a few things for the family to do over there like cycling and kite flying. 
Seeing all the colourful kites in the air was a great sight. There's even a restaurant where you can have coffee and get yourself warm and comfortable or buy some nick-knacks.

  I can't wait to go there again in summer. It will be a perfect picnic outing.

wast land covered in a green blanket

Flying Kites

Picnic at the land

The restaurant which had KITES to sell 

Have a great day!

13 Mar 2014

spring shopping + handbag haul

Its a haul. I got two bags over the past few weeks, mostly because I couldn't resist it. Both are quite similar in color but look completely different. 

DKNY  gold sling bag : 
Price - £105  Outlet Price - £34
Bought this bag from the DKNY outlet store store in Biscester Village . If you wanna buy any designer stuff, its always best to buy them in some outlet where you can get them for a lot cheaper. This was a great little bargain for me!!!! :)

I actually love sling bags, they are so easy to carry. This bag is gonna be great for spring and summer time and I know, I will get so much wear out of it. 

Its perfect to carry along when I don't have too many things to take with me.

Dune Handbag : Price £59

It is so sophisticated and chic and I really like the color. I adore the quality this brand has and their bags are just lovely. I am so glad I got this!  Its really sturdy and looks so lovely. I love to carry this as an evening bag.

Don't they look lovely??

So this was my cute haul! Tell me which one is your fav in the comments below!!

The SunShineGirl

Evening tea @ Luton hoo...

Luton hoo is a former "English Country house" and estate between the towns of Luton, Bedfordshire. This is an old Mansion converted into a hotel. It is over 1000 acres of gardens and parkland. It has 18 hole golf courses, gardens, restaurants and spa. 

This mansion house rooms and suites are each authentically styled in keeping with the original decoration found in the house. Luton Hoo has appeared in many films as well
The Mansion

Huge GRAND Staircase
The restaurant

This place has a rich and fascinating history. Just a few photos to show you how beautiful this place is. I was being a rubbish blogger and hardly took any pics of the hotel interiors and the rooms.

It doesn't get any better than watching this stunning view. 
So pleasant for the eyes.

Very impressive house surrounded by a very large park and a beautiful garden.

After the beautiful walk in the gardens and taking some pictures we were ready for some tasty treats.

Hubby treated me for our very first Anniversary. We went for the EVENING TEA.  Highly recommended for special occasions. Although the portions were very less, it seemed a bit pricey.

we chatted and chatted until we realised its time!!! 

its actually COFFEE not tea

Superb ROmantic escape.